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Because sometimes it takes a village...


Sorry to disappoint you folks. WW ain't no game! WW is a fundamental LOGIC building exercise and you agreed to participate!

The next lynch will determine the fate of the Village. Plain and simple. If a lynch is made, with NO MEMBERS in the village, I stipulate that the Bad Guys have won and that the game is over!
You want to hunt Bad Guys? So do I! Join me tonight at 9 and we'll begin the process. Our time of long hours and long posts are over. We have 3 things left to do:

1. The Seerer, the one the players think best qualified to be the first Villager, must come forth and validate their belief.
2. The players must be classified into two roles - Villager or Bad Guy. And they must realize, the HORRIBLE joke that the Moderator has played on them!!! That what they THINK is their villager card is ONLY a recommendation from the Mod. SUB ROLES MEAN NOTHING!!! They, two, are only a recommendation from the moderator!
3. Once the Village has classified the players, it must begin eliminating the Bad Guys.
And, it is my very, very, very sad duty to inform the Villagers, once all of the classification has been done, that the Seerer, then NUMBER ONE Villager, will *LIE* to the Village and inform them that he must be place into the Bad Guy category as the VERY LAST BAD GUY!

For you see, the Seerer role s*cks big time!!! Only when the Seerer dies, does the Village (not the players, the VILLAGE) gets to see the recommendation from the Mod.

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